I just trapped slugs in my kitchen sink.

I repeat. I just trapped slugs in my kitchen sink. Two HUGE, slimy slugs. I went in there to wash out my kitty mug after my microwave debacle (more on that later), only to find the sink occupied by these two entities. I probably paused a full twenty seconds to stare and try and figure out how to tackle this situation.

Should I search for salt in the kitchen and kill them? But that’s really mean.
Should I try to pick them up? But how, with what?
Should I walk away and imagine they were never there? But what if they find me in the night?!

So I decided to try to catch them. What would I do with them afterward? I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Liberate them to the garden, maybe. Slugs like gardens, right? NOT KITCHEN SINKS! Anyway, for five seconds I debated picking them up bare handed. That idea was kicked out real fast. Instead, I tried to snag them using a cheap, plastic container and lid leftover from my take out. The thing is, slugs…squish. Into themselves. And they’re sticky and hard to get off things. So after going after one of the crew for a bit, with him continually folding in and sticking to himself, the sink, and definitely not my plastic lid, I gave up. I started to feel bad because I just kept poking him and it’s probably painful to squish yourself up like that all the time. What did I do as a solve? Well I’m glad you asked, Internet. I took that cheap, plastic container and turned it upside down on them. Then I put a bottle of dish soap on top. Effectively trapping them.
…now I’m thinking on it, though, I feel a bit guilty. What if they suffocate? I might as well have dumped salt on them. This is just a slower, crueler death. …I may go release them. Or Google if slugs can hold their breath a long time.

On to the microwave debacle.

My house is old. The kitchen is old. All of the appliances are sort of hodge-podge thrown together. Most of them are probably cheap (no judgement from me, London is expensive. Scrimp where you can). I decided to heat up my leftover Thai food because it was delicious the other day and I had only eaten a scone earlier.
I’m rocking a super well balanced diet as of late.

Looking at the microwave, it was different than what I know in America. No numbers. No instructions. Nada. So how does one input how long one wants to heat up a treat? I have no idea. Still. I pressed a few buttons, 30 came up. I pressed “Express Start.” Nothing happened. I fiddled and pressed a few more buttons, and it finally made microwave noises. After a bit, it stopped, and my food was still cold. I attempted to start the process over. I tried to follow the same steps I had done before to make the microwave do microwave things. Finally, it started making the noises. Then… then they changed. And the microwave started smoking. And I had visions of burning down the house via an electrical fire because I’m an idiot American who can’t even work a damned microwave and doesn’t know where the fire extinguisher is.

Spoiler alert: The house has yet to burn down. And I now know where the extinguisher is located. Next to the microwave. It’s like they suspected this would happen. I’ve gotten confirmation from two other housemates that no one really understands how the microwave works, just that they push one button repeatedly. I’ve also left a note for Midas saying something along the lines of, “hey, the microwave was smoking… have a look? :)” Time will tell how that goes over. Maybe the smiley will ease things.

On the upside, I went to the British Library earlier today and got to see a lot of neat things. Such as… THE MAGNA CARTA! A PAGE FROM THE ORIGINAL BEOWULF! JOURNAL SKETCHES BY DA VINCI! As well as a lovely exhibit on punk rock in the 1970s. Only saw a small portion of the library, which has been happening to me a lot lately. I will be living there later on, though, so I guess I can hold off on viewing it all now.
Also was able to enjoy my first in-England scone. It was nothing like scones in America. It’s pretty much a southern biscuit.img_8921 Served up with butter and jam. Quite tasty. Could go for one now.

And so, day five of London comes to a close. Another, uh… success. Tomorrow, International student orientation. Bright and early. Should be asleep already. Off to a good start.

(UPDATE: went to get my kitty mug from where I left it in the kitchen. The slugs ESCAPED! I rounded them up again and put TWO dish soap bottles on them. Hopefully this is enough to keep these jail-breaking thug slugs in.)


About Lost in London

I often have no clue what I am doing. I get lost, A LOT. I have a terrible sweet tooth which I say I am fighting, but I usually follow that claim up with inhaling a cupcake. Currently I am attempting to live in London and get my Masters. Come and watch me blunder!
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