Lavender fields forever

I wrote Dr. Shaggy an email begging him to extend my second chapter draft until Wednesday. Rather than using my extra days wisely, I have continued to waste them. Today, I chose to waste them by going to Mayfield Lavender Farms with Annie. I would say I regret it, but that would be a lie. It was gorgeous. Maybe I’ll regret it Wednesday at one in the morning, when I’m going mental trying to put some scrap of chapter together. In the mean time… I’m sitting pretty.

The fields were busy, but they were lovely despite that. They weren’t busy to the point where I was always falling over another person. It was possible to get photos with no one in the background, if you angled it just right. I learned today just how amazing Annie is at photography. She doesn’t do it professionally, or even as a hobby. No nice DSLR that I’m aware of, but the photos she takes with her phone are still gorgeous. She has a way of setting the images up and framing them perfectly. Something I have never really had an eye for. I tried to take a few photos, but they were lackluster, so I mainly just sat/frolicked/and generally enjoyed the sights.


Trying to capture even a portion of the fields

Naturally, there was a lot of lavender-related items for sale. It’s not like they were lacking in the stuff, after all. They sold whole bunches of lavender, which Annie bought some of. They also had various jams (Annie had a peach and lavender jam that was to-die-for), honey, oils, sprays, soaps, sleep masks, cookies, shortbread, chocolate, etc. I had meant to buy somethings, but when it came time to leave, we only had 10 minutes before the bus arrived, and it only came every 30 minutes. The queues were still pretty long, so I decided I didn’t really need any lavender jam or knick-knacks anyway. I was lavendered out by that point, to be honest.


Lavender bunches for sale

The fields were set up like any farm would be, with rows set where we could walk between the plants. They also had a few breaks in the lavender where people could cut over. Being as there were multiple signs which read, “Please do not jump over the lavender,” I have a feeling these mini row breaks were fairly necessary.

Annie fields_2

I don’t generally care to have my photo taken these days (dislike of my new hair as well as dislike of my general weight gain), but Annie, as I said, is a secret photographer extraordinaire.

Annie and I in the fields

Having a laugh. Ignore my stupid blonde hair

We took a lunch break, because who goes to a lavender farm and doesn’t eat lavender-flavoured foods? Not to mention, we both love to eat. Below is an afternoon cream tea. Annie and I both had a moment where we paused and said, “should we share one?” And then immediately scrapped that thought because –– JOEY DOESN’T SHARE! …If you never watched Friends you won’t get that reference.
It was funny and sad all at once, because there happened to be a group of three people sitting next to us who shared this exact same thing. And even all three of them didn’t finish it. Annie and I both got pretty close to finishing our full trays.
The treats were all… interesting. The macaron was probably the best part, which is interesting because I don’t generally like macarons. The scone and cookie were both very dry, so they weren’t super enjoyable. And the cupcake was just… freaking giant. It didn’t taste overly lavender-y to me, but it also wasn’t that great. It was just super sweet.
The lavender fields were already home to a vast array of bees (understandably, it was sort of their Utopia). The food area, was worse. Walking through the fields the bees just ignored you. In the food area, they hovered, invaded, and lingered. They also were largely wasps instead of bees. I am not particularly scared of bees, and I was even uncomfortable a few times. I ended up making a little sacrificial area, where I put a chunk of scone with jam, pieces of the cupcake, and the mostly-empty jam jar. It was an attempt to appease the bee-gods and keep them away from my lunching area. It worked for the most part. A guy came buy to clean the tables and I reached out and asked him to leave my little trash area. I dunno if he guessed what I was doing or just thought I was weirdly into half-eaten foods, but he left it be either way.


Lavender smorgasbord. From left to right: cheddar cheese sandwich with lavender bread, lavender macaron, lavender scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, lavender cookie, lavender cupcake, sour cream and onion pretzels (I guess they were there to break up the lavender monotony? Either way, they were welcome, I started to get over-lavendered pretty fast). Not pictured: lavender lemonade which was “meh.”

While we were walking the rows, I saw a chubby bumblebee floundering on the ground in stepping-range. I bent down to get a closer look and noticed he wasn’t doing so hot. He may have been dying, but I decided to scoop him up on a piece of broken lavender, just to get him out of the way. It also gave Annie and I a chance to pet him. He was the cutest. He was also orange and black instead of yellow and black. Maybe that means he is a different kind, I’m not sure.

bumblebee and me

The bumble bee I found


Adorable chubby bumblebees were everywhere


While bees were the main inhabitants, we also saw a few butterflies

All in all, it was a pretty solid day. I meant to come home and run (I’ve started running again, did I mention that? No? Well, it’s nothing major, but I’m trying to be more active), but I napped instead (I’m obviously off to a great start at being more active).
I have an interview tomorrow morning and then really need to bust my butt on my paper. My interview is with the KCL Career and Employability Office for a part-time Marketing Assistant position. Part of me feels like I’d be perfect for the role, the other part of me worries because I haven’t done marketing in almost a full year now. And I never felt very connected with marketing, anyway. There’s also the problem with me being damned awkward and not knowing how to interview well. I googled tips and tricks. The email I got after applying said it would be a 30 minute interview consisting of “competency questions.” What the hell are competency questions? To make sure I can tie my shoes? To see if I can walk and chew gum at the same time? Math? Dear God, please no math. I’ll straight up have to get up and leave. It would be less embarrassing that way. Annie suggested maybe they would be competency in marketing questions. I sure as heck hope they aren’t. I’d flunk that one, too. Guess I will know after tomorrow morning. I hope they like awkward people who sweat under pressure.
The nice part is I don’t have to have this job, so if I botch it, it isn’t the end of the world. I just think it might be nice to have a bit of saving cash to leave off relying on loan money indefinitely.

I can’t believe it’s already August. Y’all, that is nuts. I’ve almost been here for a full year. It has seemed like such a short amount of time, it has just flown by.


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I often have no clue what I am doing. I get lost, A LOT. I have a terrible sweet tooth which I say I am fighting, but I usually follow that claim up with inhaling a cupcake. Currently I am attempting to live in London and get my Masters. Come and watch me blunder!
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  1. Rebecca says:

    Lovely pictures! I am sure you enjoyed basking in the beauty all around!

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